‘Stop Killing Cyclists’ protest with mass ‘die-in at the Elephant & Castle.

On Wednesday the cycle action group ‘Stop Killing Cyclists’ held a protest at the Elephant & Castle, the scene of London’s 5th cycle fatality of the year, where 47-year old Abdelkhalak Lahyani was killed by a HGV. The main aim of the event was to highlight how easy it would be at this particular junction to make it a whole lot safer for cyclists with very little cost. Hopefully Southwark Council will look at this and make the changes.  The proposed new cycle lane was marked out and then campaigners got busy with a box of chalk to write their own messages. ITV London news got the wrong end of the stick about the event and seemed to think the protest was going to block the junction and cause chaos in the area, this never happened and was never the intention.

The protest featured a mass ‘die-in’ and culminated in speeches from, amongst others, Donnachadh McCarthy co-founder of ‘Stop Killing Cyclists’. The event was also attended by the step son of Abdelkhalak Lahyani.

More pics at: http://www.demotix.com/users/david-rowe/profile

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